Tele-Medicine – for patients ‘under your care’

Video With My Vet

Over the last couple of years there has been much discussion in the veterinary world regarding the use of tele-medicine. An important concern is the delivery of services offering tele-medicine for patients who are not under the care of the vets and have not examined the patient or have access to their clinical records.

Video With My Vet has developed a new service which puts the pet and the client at the centre of the tele-medicine relationship – ensuring that the animals are’ under their care.’

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Video With My Vet provides veterinary practices of all types (small animal, equine and livestock; in first opinion and referral practices) the ability to offer Video Consultations with their own clients. It can cater for routine and emergency appointments as required.

Video With My Vet is really useful for:

Building and maintaining your top-tier customer experience

  • Followup consultations – can be quicker because the pet does not need to visit your clinic making it easier for your client
  • Providing easier, more frequent and cost effective monitoring a chronic condition (such as a skin case)
  • Repeat prescriptions for patients already ‘under your care’ who just needs a check that the medication remains suitable
  • Nervous patients, especially cats suffer less stress and transport challenges are reduced

A simple way to be closer to your clients

  • Increased percentage compliance checking that the client is able to administer the medication correctly such as eye ointment, supporting improved medication compliance
  • Demonstrate your empathy with your clients and their animals
  • See patients in their home environment without leaving your clinic: the patient is only with the family it knows – unlocking a new dimension of knowledge about your patient
  • Provide significant reassurance for Petsitters access to knowledgeable and experience advice and support.

 Improved practice management

  • Pre-paid appointments instead of ‘no fee’ call backs
  • Equine and livestock vets will be able to see many more of their clients and their animals avoiding traffic delays

Video With My Vet is a huge step forwards in the delivery of exceptional customer care which meets the needs of modern clients, increasing or maintaining profitability and brings the veterinarian closer to the client – in their pocket

Video With My Vet has been created to support and strengthen the relationship between you and your clients and the animals under your care.

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