There is plenty to read about sustainability on Wikipedia here: Sustainability

Here is how we try to help the community alongside our programme to help vets, clients and their families.


Charities we support:

We have one primary charity we support each year and we may also support another charity if there is a specific request that meets our funding criteria. You may apply to receive a copy of our fuding criteria by emailing us at

For 2020 our primary charity is The Veterinary Benevolent Fund – see more here: VetLife


Our support for the environment:

Our support for the environment comes in two areas:

Reducing CO2 emissions – this is achieved via our determination to provide services to veterinary practices and clients that help them avoid the use of fossil fuels, by reducing the mileage traditionally required to visit the veterinary practice.

Increasing CO2 locking – we pledge to plant 10 trees for every every veterinary practice that uses the Video With My Vet service, every year. This will be achieved by donating an equivalent amount to the Woodland Trust.

Find out more about the Woodland Trust here: The Woodland Trust