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For Vet Practices

Video With My Vet enables your to see your clients and their animals via a mobile phone, wherever they may be: home, farm or on holiday – mobile phones are practical for any size animal.



 Advantages For Veterinary PracticesCommentary
Fewer “call backs” which are so often FOC and can now be charged for.Scheduled consultations could also shorten the working day of clinical team and give them a better quality of work/life balance..
Home consultations with video:- Makes follow up visits for post-op checks/ repeat prescriptions etc easy for the practice too.
- Allows the veterinary professional to see a pet’s normal environment potentially allowing identification of other predisposing factors and observe behaviours that may not be shown in the clinic and/or be hard to describe.
Free up a consultation room and thus reduce space requirements or utilise that free space for alternative income generation.Enable fewer team members to be needed in the clinic because the video consultations can be done from home - suiting those in self isolation, or working from home for any reason.
Enable team members to be active when it suits them.And for as little or as much as is needed without any commute time, costs or processes entering and leaving the practice.
Gives additional opportunities for team members.Some team members may want to, or be available to, work longer or less sociable hours.
Because remote consultations are generally shorter than face to face ones, a reduced number of face to face appointments will save the practice time.This allows an increase in the capacity for additional consultations, which could give the potential to increase consultations within the day (combatting late arrivals/no shows/reduce travel time etc), therefore increasing practice revenues.
Video With My Vet is designed from the ground up to help both now in the COVID-19 restrictions...and in the new “now” that we will all be needing to accomodate for companion animal, equine and livestock practices.


During COVID-19 restrictions Video With My Vet enables your practice to:

  • Continue care for your patients
  • Secure consultation revenues
  • Protect the health of the practice team


In a non COVD-19 situation, Video With My Vet consultations enable you create a much needed extension to your practice. It is just like having an extra consultation room enabling you to support more patients than the practice premises allow.

Veterinarian Professionals do not necessarily have to move from practice (equine and livestock) for routine appointments improving convenience for both the practice and the clients, e.g:

  • Rechecks and follow ups
  • Repeat prescriptions
dog with mobile phone ready for video consultation and telemedicine


999 For Emergencies:

The client can show the practice a visual of the situation so the practice can triage the patient and give immediate first aid advice and subsequent recommendations:

Such as advising the client to get to the practice immediately,

Wait till a member of the practice team can get to the animal or

Whether the situation is not as much of an emergency as the client perceives and the animal can: