Video With My Vet enables pets, animals and owners to see their very own vet, no travel, no trouble.

See your very own vet

No travel, no call out charges


Ideal for follow ups

video with my vet

VideoWithMyVet is a great way to get professional veterinary advice, from your own vet, without needing to visit the practice. Sometimes you will need to see your vet in person, but for follow up appointments, repeat prescriptions, and some routine appointments, VideoWithMyVet provides an easy and mobile solution: All you need is a phone, tablet or computer and an internet connection!

If you’re a pet owner, VideoWithMyVet allows you to avoid the stress caused to your pet by visiting the vet and reduce your travel time to zero.

If you are a farm animal or horse owner, VideoWithMyVet can reduce call out fees and speed up care.

Find out how Video With My Vet works here: How It Works

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