Features of Video With My Vet:

Camera Showing Pets 

Easy with a mobile phone, significantly more difficult with a desktop browser.

Appointment Booking By Practice

The practice can make appointments on behalf of the client.

Practice Appointment Booking Free-Format Times

The practice can use a free-format time instead of times dictated by the appointment calendar. #1

Appointment Booking By Client

The client can book appointments in their app. #1

Clients Can Make Emergency Calls 

Especially useful in emergencies, the client can make the call without an appointment. #1

Calls Can Be Made/Received By All Staff

Any member of staff can be enabled to make/receive video calls.

Variable Appointment Fees

The practice can set variable appointment types and fees.

Payments Collected Prior To The Appointment

The client pays for the appointment within the app prior to the appointment so there are never any arguments about charges.

Patient Notes Recorded During The Video Consultation

Veterinary staff can make notes within the app for future reference and sending to the client and the practice.

Push Notifications

For appointment reminders and practice marketing.

Client Feedback At End of Consultation

A star rating and comments.

Veterinarian – Client – Patient Relationship (VCPR)

Compliant. #3


Convenience – a mobile phone is small, light and easily kept handy in the pocket.

Efficiency – calls can be made and received just like ordinary voice calls but no phone number is needed because the phone app is tied to the practice.

Availability – the phone app is available wherever the client is located, a desktop app is probably not carried everywhere.

Connectivity – connection to the video service requires either WiFi or mobile network coverage. If WiFi is not available, the Phone App can still use mobile network coverage.

In Phone Notifications – last minute reminders as well as marketing messages. #2



#1 – this feature can be switched on or off

#2 – Only Native Smartphone Apps can offer these features

#3 – VCPR Compliance means that the service is provided to veterinary practices for use with their clients only and is not marketed to clients for the purposes of engaging clients outside the VCPR regime.