For Owners

Who is best placed to care for your animals?

The practice will know about you and your animals and have detailed clinical records and so they are best placed to assess your animal and advise you on the most appropriate next steps for the health and welfare of that animal.

Smartphone access to your veterinary practice

Video With My Vet means that you can take your vet to your animal via your phone, and not have to take your animal to a desktop computer or the practice itself.


COVID-19 restrictions are preventing you having the usual face to face appointments with your vet which is a necessity for all our sakes at the moment. However, this does not mean that veterinary care is not available for your animal(s), whatever species they are.

Video With My Vet enables you to have an appointment with your veterinary practice for many purposes. It maybe:

A follow up appointment or

To request a repeat prescription or

It could be to enable the practice to assess how your animal is and then decide whether it needs to be:

       a. Seen immediately at the practice as an emergency;

       b. Be visited where it is (respecting social distancing) or

       c. Whether the issue can be resolved with some medication that could be         provided via a courier, the post, or be picked up form outside the practice

Video With My Vet is available for you to have a consultation with a member of your practice, the people who know your animal best, and be able to give you the best healthcare advice possible under these challenging COVID-19 restrictions.


You may:

Have a pet that hates visiting the veterinary practice

Have transport issues:

    You do not drive

    You may not have a car

    Your transport (friend, public transport or taxi) hasn’t arrived

Difficulty in fitting your pet/animal into your vehicle as well as small children in car seats

Mobility issues

Whatever the reason, Video With My Vet will mean that you:

Do not have to struggle getting your reluctant dog, cat, horse etc. to the practice ensuring that they are kept calm in the familiar environment of ‘home’. 

Have access to the vets at your practice from the convenience of your own home.

No travel, no trouble