About Us

Combining IT expertise, digital content and veterinary focused business with more than 30 years of clinical experience.

Julia Boness: 30 years as the principal of a clinical small animal vet

Jerry Crick: 20 years of being the practice manager and 15 years as an IT professional in development, systems design, project /programme management and security systems

Mark Johnston: 6 years in 1st opinion and referral equine practice

Vetstream Ltd: Over 20 years of providing digital content which is relied upon by thousands of Practices, Institutions and Associations around the world.  They have been appointed partners of multiple high profile associations such as WSAVA, AAEP, VetShow, WVC, BEVA, AABP, SAEVA to name a few…

The Woodland Trust:

We have become a Corporate Member of the Woodland Trust, we are delighted to be doing what we can to help with the impact of carbon emissions further than just reducing car journeys by vets and clients through providing Video With My vet for practices, but also by becoming a Corporate member of the Woodland Trust to support the planting of trees in the UK.

Protects: They have saved over 615 woods from destruction since 1972 and are campaigning to ensure trees have the legal protection they deserve.

Restores: With more than 22,000 hectares of ancient woodland under restoration, They are bringing centuries-old habitats back from the brink and restoring life to this irreplaceable ecosystem

Creates: 43 million trees planted and counting. From the Scottish Highlands to our city streets, they are creating new woodland for people and wildlife across the UK.

And owns more than 1,000 free to visit woods across the UK

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