Video With My Vet enables owners and their pets or animals to see their very own vet at home – no travel, no trouble.

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Utilising current technology is vital for vet practices to stay ahead of the game.

Tele-medicine providers are trying to dIsrupt your relationship with your clients.


Achieve top-tier customEr experience, offer tele-medicine to clients and animals under your care.

video with my vet

VideoWithMyVet provides veterinary practices with their very own tele-medicine and video consultation experience for clients and patients under their care.

VideoWithMyVet makes follow up consultations, repeat prescriptions and emergency conversations easier for clients, especially those who may have difficulties getting to the practice or who live further away. 

Tele-medicine and video consultations, along with your knowledge of the pet and their medical history, will reduce the number of stressed patients, will put you ahead of your competition and add real value to your service offering.


Of animal owners who would use this service, want to do so with their own vet.

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